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1) The consumer is entitled to a claim for any non-conformity of the goods with the agreed.
2) In case of claiming the goods, the consumer may claim reimbursement of the amount paid, replacement of the goods with another, corresponding to the agreed, for a discount or for repair without charge.
3) The claim shall be made in writing to the Dealer on the address stated in this contract: Ljubimets 78, Rupublickanska Street, or by e-mail:
4) When making a claim, the consumer must also attach the documents on which the claim is based.
5) The contract is deemed to be fulfilled by the delivery of the ordered goods / service and the receipt thereof by the User.
6) Any User without giving any reason may withdraw from the Contract within 14 days from the date of acceptance of the Goods by the User (or acceptance of the Goods by a third party other than the carrier and indicated by the User in the Contract for sale). In this case, the User does not owe any indemnities or penalties. The consumer is obliged to return to the Merchant at the same time, the address indicated in the town of Ljubimets 78, Repedanska Str., The goods received. The trader does not undertake to collect the goods himself under the right of withdrawal.
7) If the User exercises the right to withdraw from the Contract under the conditions of Paragraph 6 and in compliance with the requirements of Article 50 of the Consumer Protection Act, the Merchant shall refund all sums received by the User and no later than 14 days from the date on which the Merchant is notified of the consumer's decision to withdraw from the Contract under Article 52 of the Consumer Protection Act. The merchant may retain the payment of the User's amounts until he has received the goods or until the User has provided evidence that he has sent the Goods back, whichever is the earlier.
8) In the event of unfair commercial conduct on the part of the User resulting in unreasonable costs for the Merchant, the Merchant has the right, but not the obligation, to terminate the User's registration in the Online Store and on the Website of KAMA EOOD as well as the registration of the related persons .
9) In the event of a User declining to pay for a commodity ordered by a cash-on-delivery courier, the User shall pay all fees charged by the courier for the delivery and return of the goods in question.
10) The goods ordered for purchase are delivered in a suitable packaging according to their type and transport of the delivery address indicated by the User in a sufficient period according to the circumstances, agreed between an e-shop representative and the User.

11) The goods shall be delivered to the delivery address of the User or of a third party representative of the User, who accepts and confirms the receipt thereof on behalf of the User. Upon delivery of the goods the User or the third person - representative of the User signs the accompanying documents serving as confirmation of the delivery of the goods. In the event that the User is not found within the delivery period at the address specified by him / her, or if there is no access and conditions for the delivery of the Goods within this period, the Supplier shall be relieved of its obligation to deliver the requested product. The user can confirm his willingness to receive the goods after the expiry of the delivery period in which he has not been found at the address, assuming all delivery costs. In this case, a new delivery time starts to run from the time of confirmation under the preceding sentence.

1) KAMA Ltd. reserves the right to unilaterally amend or supplement this Agreement.
2) The parties agree and declare that in the event that any of the clauses of this Agreement are invalid, this will not invalidate the whole of the Contract or other clauses or any other separate parts thereof. The invalid clause will be replaced by the mandatory rules of the law or established commercial practice.
3) For all matters not covered by this Agreement, the provisions of the legislation in force in the Republic of Bulgaria and in particular those of the Consumer Protection Act, the Law on Obligations and Contracts and the Electronic Commerce Act shall apply.
4) An integral part of the Agreement is Appendix 7 to Article 47 (4) of the Consumer Protection Act (information on the exercise of the right of withdrawal), published on the Merchant's website.

 Annex 7 to Art. 47, para. 4
(New, SG No. 61/1914, in force as of 25.07.2014)
Information on exercise of the right of withdrawal
Standard denial guidelines:
I. Right to withdraw from the contract at a distance or away from the business premises.
II. You have the right to withdraw from this contract, without giving any reasons, within 14 days.
III. The withdrawal period is 14 days