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Terms of Use

By using an Online Store, owned by Kama Ltd., UIC 126085425, with its headquarters and business address in Lyubimets, 78, Republicukanska Str., With the trademark Funky Garden.
This General Terms Agreement applies to all transactions entered into with any of the Users, who also when shopping in the Online Store KAMA LTD via the website.
We expressly state that you should read them carefully before placing your order and advise you to print a copy for future reference.
When you declare your order to shop at KAMA EOOD's online store with your submission, you declare that you have agreed and accepted the terms and conditions
of this Agreement that you have made the User Declarations contained in this Agreement and that you have accepted and agreed to the Terms of Use of the Site,
owned by Kama Ltd., which terms are published on this website
Kama Ltd. reserves the right, in view of the market situation, to change this Agreement. In these cases, the relationship between the User and Kama Ltd.
shall be settled in accordance with the Treaty in force at the time the contract is submitted. The provisions of the Online Shopping Agreement are in line with the Bulgarian
legislation and disputes over the relations they regulate are within the exclusive jurisdiction of the Bulgarian courts.
"Advance payment" - means of payment of the goods / service ordered by the User, by transferring funds to the account of KAMA Ltd. before receiving the ordered goods / service
"Distance Selling" - Distance Selling, where the Merchant and the User are not physically in contact from the date of placing the offer of sale until the contract and the conclusion of the Contract, including the time of the conclusion of the contract.
"Delivery" - the physical delivery / delivery of the ordered goods / service to the ordered user.
"Cash on delivery" - a method of payment whereby the consumer pays the goods / service ordered by him / her at the moment of delivery, by transferring the due amount to the bearer.
"PayPal" - an electronic alternative to traditional check payments and bank transfer, electronic payment via web site
"Offered Goods / Services" - Goods / services advertised and offered to be labeled the Website through published offers.
"User" - Any registered Visitor to the Website who has registered as a Buyer of goods from the Online Store and has consented to the terms of this Agreement. Registration is free of charge.
"Merchant" - KAMA LTD as Importer, Seller or Distributor, of the goods purchased in the Online Store
"Trading Partners" - Traders with whom Kama Ltd. is in long-term business relations

1) Any Visitor registered on the KAMA Ltd Web Site may register as Buyer of the Goods / Services Offered in it.
2) Registration is free of charge.
3) The conditions for registration, deregistration and use of the site are published and are an integral part of the Terms and Conditions, namely: "General Terms and Conditions for Use of the Site".

1) This Agreement is for the sale of goods / services offered for sale on the KAMA Ltd Web site as a manufacturer, seller, distance from each of the Users who have electronically submitted an order for their purchase and have expressly agreed for their advance payment or for their payment on delivery, by cash, bank transfer, PayPal, other way agreed between the user and the representative of the e-shop.
2) The user has the right to claim for purchase any of the goods / services offered on the Website for the period during which this offer is active.
3) Offers must contain information about:
      1. the name and address of the supplier - KAMA EOOD, UIC 126085425, with registered office and business address at Lyubimets ul.
      2. the main characteristics of the goods or services;
      3. the price of the goods or services including all taxes and charges;
      4. the value of the postal or transport costs not included in the price of the goods or services related to their delivery.
For the region of Bulgaria the delivery is free of charge for orders over 100 BGN.
For all orders in the region of Bulgaria with a value of up to 100 BGN, the delivery price is according to the tariff of the selected courier.
1) KAMA Ltd. is in a position to accept orders for the delivery of goods / services offered in the Online Store, to any stated actual address in the Republic of Bulgaria.
If the specified delivery address does not exist as an official administrative address in the relevant municipal administration, Kama Ltd. will not process
made the order and perform the related delivery. In this case, the prepaid funds will be transferred back to the bank